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Why Visit the Joey W. Hill Fan Forum?

If you are wanting to know how to log on to the forum and access all the "members only" material discussed here,  move your attention to that third column to the right, Accessing the Forum. Otherwise, here's more info about what you'll find on the forum:

If you really enjoy my work, the place to go is the Joey W. Hill fan forum. Why? Because first, you'll find a BUNCH of shorts and novellas I've written, revisiting characters from my full length works. They're under the Vignette section, and no matter the length, all of them are free downloads for you!

Here are examples that you'll find out there right now:

  • "Taking the Gloves Off", featuring Mason and Jessica from Beloved Vampire. Jessica wants Mason to stop treating her like porcelain and be her Master in all ways - and she'll go to some outrageous lengths to accomplish her wish.
  • "Tyler Tied Up", featuring Marguerite and Tyler of Ice Queen/Mirror of My Soul. Marguerite has a very special birthday gift planned for Tyler...
  • "Dark and Light" - This vignette revisits the Daughters of Arianne characters from A Witch's Beauty: the angel lieutenant David, and Mina, the irascible sea witch he loves. Mina has made a profound discovery that will change everything for them both, and David has to convince her it's a blessing, not a curse.
  • "The Proper Punishment" - In Afterlife, Book 4 of the Knights of the Board Room series, Dana mentions a threesome she had with Peter and Ben. This vignette gives you a glimpse into that memorable night!

Even More Free Content

Need more reasons to check out the fan forum?

Okay, how about sensual graphics inspired by the characters? Or fan fiction, contest opportunities and exclusive early peek excerpts (as well as the occasional deleted scene), only offered on the forum? And don't forget the character interviews. The forum ladies have conducted intimate and comprehensive interviews with Daegan of Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity, as well as Matt and Ben of the Knights of the Board Room series, to name just a couple.

Now, despite all these offerings, the most wonderful thing about the forum is it's overflowing with lovely folks like yourself that I'm grateful to have supporting my stories. You can choose to lurk or interact with them as much as you wish. Besides forming friendships and socializing (which is fun in itself), they often engage in games inspired by the books, as well as discuss past, present and future releases. There are Spoiler threads to analyze and debate the stories in detail once you've read them.

And of course, I flit in and out of different threads, so I do maintain a presence there. There's even a special section for you to leave direct questions for me (Got a Question for Joey?).

If you can't come by on a regular basis, the forum hosts "Book Club Night" soon after I have a release, so that you have me for several dedicated hours to informally talk about the latest book and whatever other questions you have.

So in short, I hope I've given you one or two reasons to visit the forum, learn more about my stories and characters, and enjoy the heck out of doing so with like-minded folk.

Accessing The Forum

Read this before you go to the forum for the first time!

When you go to, click the Join button and follow the directions. There are 2-3 screens to fill out, but they take very little time. Once you complete the registration process, navigate away from the site, then come back, login, and you're all set to go.

Note: Sometimes people get a little confused at the profile address section. It's just a shortcut to your profile, like a UserID, so just enter your preferred userid in the box (JaneSmith, Snoopygirl, etc).

Email me here or by choosing the Contact Joey link under the Community link on the main menu if you have any trouble!


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