Over the years, many of Joey's characters have done interviews. One-on-ones, group interviews, "live" appearances to do Q&A's online with fans...we've even had a "Newlywed Game" with the Knights of the Board Room and a Tarot Card reading for Dev of Vampire's Claim. Here is a library of all those interviews to pull up and read at your leisure. Learn more about your favorites!

NOTE: Interviews are in order that they were written/posted, starting with the earliest and first one I kept, about Mac Nighthorse. :>


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Mac Nighthorse, hero of Natural Law, Book II of the Nature of Desire series

Summary: This short piece was the first character interview we ever did with my characters (I think!). It was received so well, it led to the library of them you now find available on this site.

Originally posted at the JWH fan forum in 2004

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Jonah, hero of Mermaid's Kiss, Book I of the Daughters of Arianne series

Summary: Slip Between the Sheets blog site wanted a one-on-one with Jonah, which he graciously agreed to do...

Originally posted at Slip Between the Sheets blog site 2008.

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Dev, hero of Vampire's Claim, Book III of the Vampire Queen Series

Summary: Author Stella Price decided to have a chat with our Lady Daniela's sexy Aussie bushman servant...

Originally posted September 2009 at author Stella Price's blog site

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Gideon Green, hero (the other one!) of Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity, Books 5 and 6 of the Vampire Queen series

Summary: Cecile of All I Want and More decided to spend a day with Gideon Green at Club Atlantis, and shared her experience with her blog readers!

Originally posted March 2010 at All I Want and More blog

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Daegan Rei, hero (one of them!) of Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity, Books 5 and 6 of the Vampire Queen series

Summary: Not to be outdone by Gideon's interview a couple months' prior to this one, Daegan consented to one as well. This interview (conducted by the lovely forum admins) occurred between Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity, so the conflict and tensions between Gideon and Daegan had not yet been fully resolved - obviously!

Originally posted May 2010 on the JWH Connection Fan Forum


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