Readers often ask me about future books, particularly whether or not favorite secondary characters will get their own story. So here's what's "percolating" with the muse, as well as a few tidbits about those that are actually "upcoming" (aka "on the schedule") at this point:

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Nature of Desire series:

We just released Truly Helpless, Regina and Marius's story, so the muse is still pondering the next NOD characters who will get their own story. We certainly have our choice, don't we? Rory and Daralyn or Ellen from Rough Canvas. Caleb and Luke from Branded Sanctuary. Will Leila, who has appeared throughout the NOD so much, ever get HER own story? Then there's Billie DeeLite from Worth the Wait. We also have a lot of characters in some standalone titles, or who have appeared in other series, who might just decide to make the Nature of Desire series their home for a full length story of their own, the way Noah did. He migrated over from the Knights of the Board Room to be with Gen and Lyda. Some other migrating characters might be Lawrence and Neil of Unrestrained, James from the Vampire Queen series, etc.

Vampire Queen series:

Alistair and Nina from Vampire's Claim have waited FOREVER for their story, but the muse keeps pushing them to the backburner. I'm not really sure why, but I'll keep them on the list. They may end up being a novella rather than a full length book. While we have Cai and Rand's story, Vampire's Soul, coming up Fall 2017, there are plenty other possibilities for this series, and let's not forget there is the potential for some Fae/vampire crossovers, like Kel and Uthe were in Night's Templar. Catriona needs her own story. Still can't figure out where to put James from Vampire Trinity/Vampire Mistress (see notes above in NOD), but he could end up with a Fae or vampire that keeps him in the VQS fold. Then there's a second story for Kaela and Garron of Elusive Hero; a future story for Kane and Farida, the children of Jacob/Lyssa (Vampire Queen's Servant) and Mason/Jessica (Beloved Vampire), respectively... There's also always the chance that brand new characters will be introduced. I've been asked if I'll ever have a sexy black male vampire, and someone was just introduced in Cai and Rand's story who makes me wonder if that request sparked an idea...we'll see. I've got a lot of potential novella ideas, like a scene for Cayden and Queen Rhoswen of the Fae, so we might get a few gems like that in between the longer works.

Knights of the Board Room series:

Though we've completed the Knights of the Board Room series, I am planning an anthology of 3-4 novellas. These will be like the free revisits that I've done in the past (which are under the Cantrips page), only this will be an actual published release. Knight Nostalgia should be out by around the end of 2017/early 2018. Stay tuned for their own book page under the Knights of the Board Room series page, with a summary of what these novellas will be about! an image

Daughters of Arianne and the Arcane Shot series:

As of 2017, the publisher returned the rights to the Arcane Shot or Daughters of Arianne series to me, and we've been in the process of reformatting and re-releasing these books. Daughters of Arianne with their beautiful new covers come out July 31, 2017, and we'll get the two Arcane Shot series books, Something About Witches and In the Company of Witches, out as soon as we can. Now, many of you have asked for another book or two for these series. That will depend a lot on how their re-release goes, but in an ideal world, I would like to write the following books to round out those series:

Arcane Shot Series:

We have one more coven sister who tale has yet to be told - the chaos witch, Ramona. A Grim Reaper has taken an interest in her, which is good, because she might just stumble into enough trouble to need his help. Fingers crossed we'll get a go-ahead on Ramona's book sometime in the future.

Daughters of Arianne series:

A Mermaid's Ransom introduced Clara, Alexis's best friend. She has her eye on the brooding Dark Legion captain, Marcellus, and he's going to find himself reluctantly assigned as her guardian angel. These two appeared in Medusa's Heart, I think specifically to remind me their story remains to be told!

Final Notes…

Medusa's Heart, a non-series title I released in the last year, also introduced some intriguing new characters, like Lady Yvette (vampire), Merc (half angel/half incubus), and "Mad Merlin" Maddock (sorcerer), to name just a few, who might want to have their stories told. Then there's always the possibility of more brand-new characters popping up in my brain, either to attach themselves to an existing series or launch a whole new one, or have a simple one-shot story. So I won't run out of ideas any time soon. I look forward to sharing many new tales with you as they develop!


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