Released November 2016

In this second compilation edition of Joey W. Hill's vignettes, you will find the following novellas/short stories:

  • The Proper Punishment : Peter, Dana and Ben of Honor Bound and Hostile Takeover
  • You're All Invited : Lyssa, Jacob and various other cast members of the Vampire Queen series
  • The Bet : Daegan and Gideon of Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity
  • First Christmas : Marcus and Thomas of Rough Canvas
  • A Season of Giving : Kane, Farida and John, a future glimpse of the adult children of the Vampire Queen series characters
  • A Yule Gift : Grace and Agnes, a prequel story about the mother of Daegan from Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity
  • Doms and Sisters: Lucas, Cassandra, Ben and Marcie of Controlled Response and Hostile Takeover, respectively

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REMINDER: While these compilations are available for purchase in print or compiled ebook form, all vignettes remain available as FREE standalones. Just scroll down below these two volumes to see the individual downloads.

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