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Originally posted April 2011 on the JWH Connection fan forum, this story is now posted here as a free download (see options below), as well as offered in print/ebook format in the vignette compilation, Cantrips: Volume #1.

A vignette featuring Daegan and Gideon of Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity from the Vampire Queen Series.

Background: Near the end of Vampire Trinity, Anwyn set three conditions on Gideon’s service to her and Daegan. One of them was that he prove he’d accepted Daegan as his Master, as much as he’d accepted Anwyn as his Mistress. To do this, Gideon had to feed the male vampire and let Daegan take him to his bed, without Anwyn having to be present. This vignette focuses on how Gideon went about meeting that condition.

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